Getting Recital Ready

It's that time of year again. The time when routines are finally finished, costumes have arrived, and the summer sun has finally come to stay. As many experienced dance recital veterans have witnessed, there is a long list of things you need to make sure that your Spring Recital goes smoothly. Of course age difference does also play a big part in how prepared you need to be, so I've compiled two check lists in order to make this process as painless as possible, because at the end of the day, dance is about having fun!


1.Costume - Head/Arm/Leg/Body pieces separated by costume and placed in baggies. Write name,of routine on baggie and attach it to the hangar with the costume.   

2.Shoes - Triple check that you have both shoes in every pair.

3.Tights - in appropriate color for each costume

4.Make-Up - (for beginners) Foundation, Mascara, Blush, and Red Lips is perfect! Nothing too complicated, but we want to be able to see your pretty face under the bright stage lights!

5.Hair - CLEAN and out of your face. The last thing you want to happen is for your messy hair to be a distraction from the hard work you've put into your recital routine. Hairspray, Gel, and Bobby Pins are the best tools to have. Adding a hairnet to any bun makes the flyaways go away.

6.Camera - Recitals are such prime time for making memories. Always make sure to bring a camera backstage to capture this lovely once a year event!

ADDITIONAL CHECK LIST (for advanced dancers)

1. Hair - NO FLYAWAYS! The best method to create the slickest hair style is to comb it back when it's wet. Then apply any gels or hairspray as well as hairnets, bobby pins and clips.

2.Make-up - Put a little more effort into applying eyeshadow or false eyelashes to make your eyes pop. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask your older teammates.

3. Nude Undergarments - Aim to create the least amount of distracting lines underneath your beautiful costumes.

4.Snacks - having more then one dance to perform at recital can be exhausting! Make sure to pack healthy snacks (like nuts or veggies) to keep your energy up, but try and stay away from anything heavy that may cause your body to bloat or make you feel sluggish.

5.Water - Stay Hydrated!!! Water is your best option, and try and stay away from sodas or energy drinks which actually, in the end, will make you even more tired.

6.Deodorant - You may end up being a sweaty mess, but don't make people regret hugging you after curtain call! (A towel in your bag is always nice to dab your face down between routines)

7.Jacket - Bring something easy to throw over your costume in case you want to run out to the house and say hello to your grandma before the show starts.

8.Extras - bring more then one pair of tights (especially if you are wearing a pair of fishnet tights.)

8..Props - Triple check all props are accounted for.

9.Miscellaneous - Knee or Ankle Wraps/Scissors/Safety Pins/Nail Polish Remover